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Microsoft Copilot for Service

AI tool assists agents for superior support, delivering prompt info and answers, simplifying customer inquiries effectively.

Microsoft Copilot for Azure

AI tool streamlines cloud & edge ops, offering personalized solutions. Manage effectively from Azure platform.

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

AI aids Microsoft 365, boosts productivity, summarizes emails, crafts presentations, analyzes data.

Microsoft Copilot for Security

AI tool aids security, responds to threats, manages risks. Integrates with Microsoft security for AI guidance, insights.

Microsoft Copilot in Power Automate

Using AI and low-code solutions, it allows for easy automation of tasks, improving productivity and focusing on key activities.

Computer Vision Services
Amazon Rekognition analyzes images & videos. AWS Lookout for Vision detects anomalies. AWS Panorama enhances on-premises cameras.
Automated Data Extraction and Analysis
Amazon Textract extracts text/data, Comprehend gains insights, A2I adds human review for sensitive data.
Code DevOps
Amazon DevOps Guru enhances app availability, CodeGuru Reviewer detects bugs, CodeGuru Profiler optimizes code.
AI Language
Amazon Lex builds chatbots, Transcribe adds speech recognition, Polly converts text to speech.
Business Metrics
Amazon Forecast predicts, Fraud Detector detects fraud, Metrics identify anomalies for informed decisions.
Healthcare AI
Amazon HealthLake and Amazon Comprehend Medical enhance healthcare providers' ability to access and understand patient data.
AI-Based Cybersecurity Enhancement
AI detects & neutralizes cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, proactively.
Identity Protection
Iris Identity Protection: AI safeguards personal/financial data from cyber threats, identity theft.
Cyber Insurance
It uses AI elements to evaluate risks and provide financial coverage in the event of cyber incidents.
Step into the future with NVIDIA Cloud GPUs

Step into the future with NVIDIA Cloud GPUs – where your AI and deep learning projects come to life with ease and power! Contact us to learn more about NVIDIA Cloud GPU services and how they can benefit your projects.

Akamai Connected Cloud
Explore AI-driven security and performance with Akamai Connected Cloud

Use its machine learning expertise for robust web, API, and user account protection. Contact us to learn more about Akamai AI services and how they can benefit you.

Akamai Connected Cloud

Transform Your Business with Artificial Intelligence Services

Leverage the transformative power of AI solutions to catalyze growth and secure a future-proof position in your industry.

Boosted Efficiency

Watch AI take over routine tasks, gifting you time for big ideas.

Customized Cloud Deployment

Embrace the simplicity of managing cloud operations with smart AI tools.

Enhanced Security

Get proactive threat detection, risk management, and complete cyberthreat protection.

Better Customer Experience

Experience customer joy with AI's personalized, instant service touch.

Agile Cloud Management

Embrace the simplicity of managing cloud operations with smart AI tools.

Accelerated Innovation

Let AI assist you in innovative application and code development.

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